Dr. Jasmine Zapata - "Motivational MD" 
– Health Empowerment and Preventive Medicine-
Speaking, Coaching, and Consulting Products/Services

1) Health Empowerment Workshop/Event Planning

Collab with Dr. Zapata on your next workshop, webinar, or live event! 
Dr. Zapata specializes in topics surrounding prevention of death, disability and disease including but not limited to the following topics......
Financial health, mental health, physical health, social health, sexual health, spiritual health and more.
- Great for churches, youth groups, workshops, seminars, health related events, small groups, large groups, all night lock ins and more. 
- Dr. Zapata works well with all ages and backgrounds! She is particularly skilled in working with elementary through high school aged students! Your group will leave educated, energized, empowered, and inspired! Dr. Zapata's electric passion for teaching and upbeat personality have been nationally recognized! She is someone you will WANT to work with for your next event. Pricing Varies. Contact Dr. Zapata to learn more about this package today! 

2) Book writing Coaching Services
- Work with Dr. Jasmine for 1 on 1 coaching on turning your book idea into reality. This 7 month coaching program which will walk you from start to finish and propel you into your destiny.
And if you have a busy schedule, Let Dr. Zapata show you how you can write your book without typing or writing out a single word!   This is for those who know book writing is a part of their purpose and that they have an important story to tell…. Or for those who are interested in creating multiple streams of income via book writing but just don’t know how to get started. Coaching program concludes with your book completed, printed copies and book launch date set! Pricing Varies. Contact Dr. Zapata to learn more today! 

3) Premedical Consulting/Coaching
- One on one coaching for youth or adults interested in becoming doctors! Education on the process, one on one mentoring, essay review, MCAT preparation planning, insider tips on exact steps needed to become a doctor and more! Let Dr. Zapata walk you hand in hand through the process. One on One Coaching/Mentoring services start as young as 5th grade! 


4) Multiple Streams of Income Consult Session

- Titled after Dr. Zapata’s debut book "Multiple Streams of Income" you don’t want to miss this exciting 60 minute brainstorming and empowerment session! Discuss your passions outside of your 9-5 and how to turn your true purpose in life into profit! Leave with energy, excitement, and a 30 day plan on the specific steps you will do to get started! $75 (includes signed copy of Multiple Streams of income book mailed to your home prior to session). 

5) Keynote/Motivational/Educational Speaking

- Invite Dr. Zapata for your next keynote, educational or motivational speaking engagement! Your group will leave energized, educated, empowered, and inspired!

6) Health Literacy Consult
- Do you or a loved one have a medical illness or condition you don’t quite understand or want to learn more about? Does the complicated medical language used in the hospital/clinic sometimes confuse or overwhelm you? In this 60 minute session, Let Dr. Zapata break it down and explain it in a way you can understand. Using down to earth and easy to understand graphics, illustrations, and nonmedical wording Dr. Zapata is gifted in helping people NOT in the medical field understand common illnesses they themselves or their loved ones may be facing. Live or virtual consults available. She will not be giving medical advice or serving as your doctor, but helping to EMPOWER and EDUCATE you in a way you can understand so you can achieve your personal health goals or better help your loved ones who may be facing a medical condition or concern. This is a one of a kind experience! $75


7) Health Journalism/Social Media
- Looking for a health expert to quote or consult with for your next magazine publication, newsletter, newspaper article, blog, radio show,  or TV segment? Contact Dr. Zapata today! ;) She also specializes in health related social media content development! Contact her to discuss more today! Pricing Varies


8) On Call Health Empowerment and Education Consultant Services
- Great for nonprofits, small businesses and organizations. Contact Dr. Zapata for more details. 6 month contracts available. Contact Dr. Zapata for more details.

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