Dr Jasmine Zapata,MD presents the....


The Madam Dreamers (MD) Club


For girls around the world who dream to become doctors one day or to reach any other goal that seems impossible, crazy or, unthinkable!


This club is for girls who dare to be different. Who have a burning passion inside to defy the odds and who have known for a long time they were born to change the world with their beauty, power, uniqueness, and intelligence.


This club is for girls who have bigger than life ideas, dreams, and visions that have been growing inside for a long time and are waiting to be birthed!


This club is for girls who have felt for a long time they were made of something different, but couldnt quite figure out why. Who believe that their uniqueness, beauty and power will somehow change the world!


Join a group of likeminded girls of distinction who believe the sky is the limit and that ANY dream is possible!


Membership Includes: 

-Unlimited access to members only Madam Dreamer Networking, Educational and Mentorship private website
-Free gift mailed to your home

-Lifetime membership. No recurring monthly access fees. 

-Personal interactions with Dr. Jasmine via members only Premedical career guidance counseling and group mentorship discussion forum (for parents, elementary girls, teens and college students)
-Health and Mental Wellness Resources
- Access to members only online dream and networking discussion board
-Peiodic Live stream q and a sessions with Dr Jasmine
- Discounts on upcoming live Madam Dreamer Educational and inspirational events/products/private coaching.
- and more!


If you believe, you CAN achieve! Never give up on your Dream!


Take the limits off your thinking and get ready to be launched into your destiny!


The Madam Dreamers Club. Turning Dreams into Realities! 


Networking, Support, Mentorship, Education, Inspiration!


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