Hello! Thanks for your interest in joining the Madam Dreamers Premed/ Prehealth health online mentoring, coaching, and support group. :)

It's open to all but geared toward women traditionally underrepresented in medicine or from disadvantaged backgrounds interested in a career in medicine. My passion is inspiring future doctors(or other future health care professionals) to never give up on their dreams! 

I created this group because I knew I wanted to be a doctor ever since I was 5 years old and WISH I would have had something like this while I was coming up. :) 

We now have students and mentors from all over the US and even abroad at all levels of training! This pipeline mentorship group aims to increase diversity in medicine and serve as support and motivation for young women along their journey! :) 

To join........
1) Click the join request button here

2) Once in the group....please write a quick introduction post (or go live video) saying year in school, where you're from, and your future career goals? Cant wait to get to know you better! So glad you are here! Thanks! 🙂 

If you are a parent/guardian of a premed student or if you are a health professional/mentor joining the group... please do a quick intro post as well. Thanks! :)

Dr Jasmine Zapata, MD
Author, Pediatrician, Preventive Medicine Doctor, Youth Inspirational Speaker, Coach
"Never Give Up on Your Dreams!"



The Madam Dreamers (MD) Academy