Dr. Jasmine Zapata, MD is a dynamic author, physician, entrepreneur and motivational speaker from WI area with the mission to heal, uplift and inspire.


A main focus for Dr. Jasmine is preventive medicine which involves looking at upstream factors and social determinants of health outcomes. Interestingly, one of the biggest social determinants of health outcomes is economic stability and for this reason Dr Jasmine got involved in real estate in 2013 as a means to achieve personal financial freedom and help others do the same. She is co founder of Brown Girl Green Money, A national social network of women of color working to achieve financial freedom and inspire each other along the way, and is also a founding partner of the real estate investing company, Emerge Capital Partners. She has experience with both residential and vacation rental property and also has experience with low to no money down techniques to get started in the field of real estate. Her unique strategy for investing in real estate currently allows her get paid to live in her own home! Overall, Dr. Jasmine is passionate about creating multiple streams of income for herself as well as teaching others how to do the same. Breaking the chains of poverty is a mission Dr. Jasmine is determined to win!


In her continued effort to combat poverty, she has teamed up with group of entrepreneurs from around the country and even abroad to write the highly anticipated book "Multiple Streams of Income" to inspire and empower others about different avenues to become entrepreneurs and reach financial freedom! This book is an easy to read INTRODUCTION to different ways you can add multiple streams of income to your life.